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realme announces Flagship Periscope Telephoto and Luxury Watch Design for realme 12 Pro Series

realme, the fastest-growing smartphone brand globally, recently announced at its 2024 media preview event in Las Vegas that the realme 12 Pro Series will include a flagship periscope telephoto lens.

Attendees of the event got a firsthand look at the upcoming realme 12 Pro Series, featuring periscope telephoto technology and luxury watch design. realme 12 Pro Series is the first smartphone to be launched after realme began its rebranding phase this year.

realme’s founder and CEO, Sky Li, recently issued an open letter announcing that 2024 will be the year of rebranding. The company also unveiled its new slogan, ‘Make it Real,’ and repositioned itself as a tech brand that better understands young users. Under this new brand positioning, the realme number series will be positioned as the future of Next-gen imaging. This media event marked realme’s initial official communication following its rebranding.

realme’s research highlights that young users prefer telephoto lenses with 3X zoom or more, which is usually reserved for flagship phones. realme is bridging the gap by including a flagship-exclusive periscope telephoto technology in realme 12 Pro series for young users.

The realme 12 Pro Series improves night shot clarity, reduces flare, and introduces a 3X Portrait Mode with a 71mm golden focal length for natural depth of field. It also excels in telephoto capabilities with up to 120X digital zoom.

realme 12 Pro Series boasts the segment’s largest periscope telephoto sensor, featuring the OV64B flagship sensor, which outshines its competitors and matches other top-tier flagships. With a 1/2-inch size, it’s over twice as large as the telephoto sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro. Thanks to its larger aperture and light intake, the realme 12 Pro Series’ telephoto lens is nearly three times more light-sensitive than that of the iPhone 15 Pro.

realme 12 Pro Series’ main camera features Sony IMX890 OIS, which enhances night-time photography. This camera has a 1/1.56” large sensor, a 24mm equivalent focal length, and a wide f/1.8 Aperture, making it well-suited for nighttime photography. With OIS support, it excels in providing stable video recording and optimizing the success rate of photos. Additionally, realme 12 Pro Series features a periscope telephoto and ultra wide-angle camera. It offers lossless zoom at 0.6x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 6x, providing a full-focal-length lossless zoom photographic experience comparable to that of a flagship device.

realme, in collaboration with Qualcomm, has enhanced its image processing with the MasterShot Algorithm. The realme 12 Pro Series is the first and only device in its segment to process RAW domains, ensuring top clarity, dynamic range, and realism in cinematic portraits.

The realme number series provides young users with cutting-edge imaging experiences and reliability in products. Collaborating with Ollivier Savéo, the international luxury watch design master, realme has elevated the 12 Pro Series with luxury watch aesthetics, drawing inspiration from classic timepieces and infusing refined elements into its industrial design.

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