Digital Summit 2023 held to guide innovation and disruption through the digital terrain

Bangladesh Brand Forum recently hosted the 10th Digital Summit presented by Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka.

The day-long summit brought together local and global industry professionals and thought leaders to exchange insights on digital marketing trends, strategies, challenges, and solutions.

Themed under “Innovation and Disruption: Guiding Through the Digital Terrain,” the summit aimed to analyze the complex dynamics of the digital marketing landscape by comprehensively exploring how innovation can be harnessed as a guiding compass in the face of disruption.

The summit hosted an engaging agenda comprising 4 Keynote Sessions, 3 Panel Discussions, and 2 Insight Sessions.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shariful Islam, Founder & Managing Director of Bangladesh Brand Forum, said, “We find ourselves in a reality sculpted by the unprecedented events of the past. It is a call to innovate, disrupt the conventional, and navigate the digital age’s complex landscape. The professionals and experts in our midst are called upon to lead, meet these challenges head-on, and bridge the gaps in our journey toward a digitally transformed future.”

The 10th Digital Summit featured four exclusive keynote sessions conducted by globally reputed speakers. Shihab Ahmad, Chief Commercial Officer, Robi Axiata Ltd., presented his insights and observations on Analytics and AI for Digital Disruption.

Prasun Basu, Founder & Chairman, Inteliphyle Ltd., emphasising digitalisation and data, delivered a session titled ‘The Conundrum of Digital and Data: Bedfellows and Not’. Tara Yoon, Head of Partner Performance, Channel Sales – SEA, Google APAC; conducted a session on Marketing in the AI Era. And Bharat Avalani, Storyteller & Memory Collector, Founder, Connecting the Dots, Malaysia presented the last keynote session of the day titled ‘Digitize to Humanize’.

The panel discussions featured timely and effective issues like “Creating Engaging and Impactful Marketing Narratives in the Digital Era,” “AI’s Transformative Role in Media and Marketing,” and “Unlocking Creative Potential – Guiding Through the Digital Terrain.”

In the first Panel Discussion, Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer, Grameenphone Ltd. said, “As the country’s top telecom company, we have been trying to minimise the digital divide. Because the future workforce is going to be less creative and more of those who can use analytics. So, from a business point of view, you must analyse your consumers because If you follow your customers, it gives you a lot of feed.”

The panel and insight sessions included distinguished and reputed local speakers like Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer, Grameenphone Ltd.; Shadman Sadekin, Marketing Director – Homecare, Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.; Allen Ebenezer Eric, Marketing Director, Marico Bangladesh Ltd.; Ashraf Kaiser, Founder & Managing Director, Benchmark Ltd.; Nazia Andaleeb Preema, President, Women in Leadership – WIL, Director & Creative Editor, Bangladesh Brand Forum; Redoan Rony, Chief Executive Officer, Chorki; Kazi Mohiuddin, Senior General Manager, Meghna Group of Industries (MGI); Tusnuva Ahmed Tina, Executive Director, Mindshare Bangladesh; Mohammad Obidur Rahman, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, X – Integrated Marketing Agency and others.

Tusnuva Ahmed Tina, Managing Partner, Mindshare Bangladesh, in her insight session titled “Journey into Tomorrow: AI’s Transformative Role in Media and Marketing said, “more innovation is possible with the help of generative AI. Almost 68% of workers globally believe Gen AI will serve customers better. So, actually, AI complements human work and does not replace it. But It’s imperative to learn prompt engineering to stay updated with the market.”

Bangladesh Brand Forum initiated the Digital Summit in 2014. Throughout the successive initiatives, Digital Summit has become the apex platform for the country’s digital marketers. More than 350 professionals attended this year’s summit. The summit delved deep into the industry challenges, allowing industry leaders to share multi-dimensional experiences. It also enabled a platform to stage exclusive discussions on possible solutions, analyze digital trends, integrate technology & innovation, and develop industry guidelines to contribute to the digital media marketing industry positively.

An initiative of Bangladesh Brand Forum, the 10th edition of Digital Summit was presented by Meghna Group of Industries (MGI), in association with The Daily Star; Strategic Partner – Bangladesh Creative Forum (BCF); Inteliphyle; Knowledge Partner – Marketing Society of Bangladesh (MSB); Technology Partner – aamra technologies limited; PR Partner – Backpage PR, read a media release.

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