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imo integrates Zero Noise feature for crisper calls

While catching up with loved ones over the phone, the cacophony of crowded streets, construction sites and an overall noisy environment can get very distracting.

Hence, as a solution, the popular instant messaging app imo has come up with an innovative Zero Noise feature that filters out unwanted noise from audio and video calls on the app.

The feature has already been released to a few beta users who are now enjoying distraction-free calls for utmost clarity in communication.

Upon initiating an audio or video call on imo, the Zero Noise feature will be activated automatically if the environment on either side contains loud and distracting background noise. A toast notification saying, ‘Zero Noise mode activated’ will appear.

Users can easily choose to manually activate or deactivate the feature from the interface of an audio and video call. This feature by imo can be regarded as one of the smartest noise-reduction solutions for social platforms.

Based on imo’s research, 62 percent of the calls on mainstream messaging applications contain unwanted noise. Among them, 20 percent are too loud, negatively impacting the call experience and posing a necessity for a stronger noise suppression algorithm.

Hence, ensuring clear and crisp communication so that no details go missed, imo is introducing this cutting-edge feature for all its users.

Currently, imo’s aggressive Zero Noise model displayed an industry-leading advantage in effectively filtering out unpleasant sounds.

As a result, no matter the noise, communication via imo will be smoother and clearer than ever, read a media release.

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