Biden pledges to rebuild Hawaii

At least 114 people were killed in the wildfires in Hawaii. Besides, thousands of houses were destroyed in the historic town of Lahaina.

Almost two weeks after the horrific incident, US President Joe Biden on Monday pledged to help the survivors of the wildfire rebuild the devastated town.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited the island of Maui, part of the Hawaiian Islands. There they met with officials including Governor Josh Green; And, thank those who are coming forward in the first rescue operation after the deadly fire.

Biden said the entire country mourns the casualties. And, his administration will provide all possible support to the recovery effort. He noted that everything possible will be done to respect the local cultural heritage during the reconstruction.

Some Republicans have complained that Biden did not do enough after the fires.

Former President Donald Trump said it was ‘shameful’ that Biden did not act more quickly. White House officials said the trip was delayed because emergency rescue efforts could be disrupted. The president had been keeping in touch with officials in Hawaii since the crisis began.

Some residents of Hawaii also indicated that they were unhappy with the president’s delayed role. As the president’s motorcade passed through the burned area, many people standing on the side of the road cheered, waved and greeted him with the traditional Hawaiian greeting of ”aloha”. However, news reports said that some people standing by waved their hands indifferently to express their displeasure.

Bob Fenton, regional director of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, was appointed Monday as the lead coordinator of the federal response to the Maui wildfires, the White House said. Source: Voice Of America.

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