John Kerry: Climate change is a ‘threat to humankind’

US climate change envoy John Kerry said that global warming is a threat to all mankind and requires ‘global leadership’.

He said this while meeting Chinese officials in Beijing, reads a report of AFP.

Kerry told Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, that the climate issue is a ‘global issue.’

He said, you know, it’s a global issue, not a bilateral issue. It is a threat to the entire human race.

He added, ‘We’re very hopeful that not only can we start a conversation between you, me, and us on the climate track, but we can start the larger relationship change that the world really hopes for and needs.’

Kerry emphasized further expanding and perfecting the China-US relationship, saying that President Joe Biden is very committed to stability in this relationship, but to achieve the goal together, the world needs to make a significant change.

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