July 3: World experiences hottest day ever recorded

For the past few days, there has been intense heat in different parts of the world. Many people are getting sick due to extreme temperatures.

In the meantime, the US weather forecasting agency National Center for Environmental Prediction data showed that last Monday (July 3) the world experienced the ‘hottest’ day in history, reports BBC.

According to the report, the average temperature of the world on July 3 was 17.01 degrees Celsius. This is the highest since satellite temperature monitoring records began in 1979.

The southern US has been hot for the past few weeks. At the same time, a terrible heat wave is sweeping over China.

The temperature in some parts of the country exceeded 35 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, the temperature in North Africa has also reached 50 degrees Celsius.

Even Antarctica, where winter is currently underway, is hotter. Scientists say the combination of increasing El Niño patterns with climate change has led to this rise in temperatures.

Earlier, in August 2016, the world’s average maximum temperature was recorded at 16.92 degrees Celsius.

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