1 killed, 9 injured in Michigan fireworks explosion

A 43-year-old Holland woman died after a fireworks explosion in West Michigan of the US local.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrived in the 1700 block of Main Street in Park Township near Holland just after 11 p.m.

The firework incident happened after the call. The block is a residential area, reports Detroit Free Press.

Police identified 10 people injured in the blast, including a 43-year-old Holland woman who was found unresponsive.

Authorities attempted to administer life-saving efforts, but the injuries were fatal and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was not identified in a news release from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

Nine other people with minor to serious injuries were taken to local hospitals, according to police.

Several houses and vehicles in the area were also damaged. An inquiry by the Free Press seeking more information about the incident was not returned as of Tuesday afternoon.

The incident is under investigation. In addition to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Park Township Fire Rescue and AMR Ambulance Services responded to the scene.

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