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OPPO Announces Last Call for Proposals to the 2023 Inspiration Challenge at VivaTech 2023

Viva Technology – the biggest startup and tech event in Europe, which brings together business leaders, startups and investors each year –took place over four days from June 14.

OPPO returned for the second consecutive year to announce the final call for entries to the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge and showcase some of the success stories from last year’s inaugural Inspiration Challenge.

During the event, OPPO Technology Strategic Planning Expert, Rabinovich Adi, delivered a speech on how technology can be used to create a better future for all. He also introduced the latest updates from the 2023 OPPO Inspiration challenge and invited a number of technology startups specializing in sustainability and accessible technology to demonstrate their innovations at the show.

“The overwhelming response to the first OPPO Inspiration Challenge last year showed us the great potential and possibilities for Virtuous Innovation in startups,” said Adi. “For the second Inspiration Challenge this year, we have introduced two new entry categories focusing on Inspiration for People and Inspiration for the Planet. Improving health and the environment are shared goals of everyone on this planet. By combining our own resources with the ingenuity of the start-up community, we hope that we can use innovation to lead real changes in these two crucial areas.”

In 2022, the Inspiration Challenge received an impressive 536 proposals from 39 countries and regions worldwide. OPPO extended support to 18 teams to advance their ideas. During this year’s VivaTech, the previous year’s winner of the Inspiration Challenge, Alango Technologies, and the Europe & Israel Regional Challenge winner, Sign Now, were invited to share their participation experiences.

Alango Technologies, renowned for their expertise in digital sound enhancement technologies for voice communication and immersive audio experiences, emerged as the winner of last year’s OPPO Innovation Challenge. Their proposal, the BeHear line of concept consumer electronics products, secured the top position in the competition.

Dr. Alexander Goldin, Founder and CEO of Alango Technologies, said, “We collaborated with OPPO on a captivating video, refined the algorithms, and expanded our applications with the prize money. Participating in the OPPO Inspiration Challenge forged a rewarding partnership, integrating our innovative solutions into mainstream electronic devices.

“Taking part in the Inspiration Challenge has helped us to raise our profile at the global level,” said Asaf Hizkiahou, the Senior SW Developer of Sign Now, said, “Winning the regional competition brought media coverage and the chance to showcase our innovations at VivaTech. Our app offers on-demand sign language interpretation, bridging the gap for the deaf community. With OPPO’s support, we aim to enhance accessibility and equal opportunities”.

SolCold, a world leader in outdoor cooling coatings research and development, shared their experiences in innovation at VivaTech.

“Given the pressing issue of global warming, where the sun’s heat cannot be dissipated by our planet, our innovative solution can achieve outdoor cooling with zero carbon emissions by reflecting, converting, and releasing heat,” said Yaron Shenhav, CEO and Co-founder of SolCold.

OPPO leverages VivaTech to promote startups and its mission for a better future. The annual Inspiration Challenge empowers global tech professionals to create innovative solutions.

VivaTech 2023 is the final stage of recruitment for OPPO’s Inspiration Challenge. Many promising proposals were received, and more are expected as the submission period ends soon.

Proposal deadline ends on June 30, 2023. The top five teams from each region advance to the global demo event. Five global winners will receive a $50,000 grant and partnership/funding opportunities, read a media release,

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