Nextblock autoclaved pioneers AAC blocks for sustainable building

The Eco-Friendly Green Bricks Ltd., a joint venture of Tilottoma Group and Shanghai Chaoheng Investment Co., has produced ACC blocks under the Nextblock Autoclaved brand to promote environmentally friendly construction materials in Bangladesh.

Following World Environment Day, The Ministry of Housing and Public Works’ autonomous organization ‘Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI)’ and Bangladesh’s first-ever environmentally friendly AAC block manufacturer ‘Nextblock Autoclaved’ have signed an MOU to conduct research and develop guidelines on modern AAC in order to enhance the standard of the building and construction sector in Bangladesh.

The press meeting commenced with an engaging introductory Audio-Visual (AV) presentation of Bangladesh’s pioneering environmentally friendly AAC block (Nextblock Autoclaved) manufacturing facility. Subsequently, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place, symbolizing a collaborative effort between HBRI (Housing and Building Research Institute) and Nextblock Autoclaved, represented by HBRI Principal Research Officer Nafizur Rahman and Nextblock Autoclaved Managing Director Shahriar Sajjad. This significant partnership aims to propel the nation’s construction industry to unprecedented levels while addressing climate-related concerns.

According to the MOU, ‘Nextblock Autoclaved’ has handed over a Tk 1 lakh cheque to HBRI’s Director General, Mohammad Ashraful Alam to support HBRI’s research activities for exploring development opportunities & proper usage of eco-friendly AAC block-Nextblock Autoclaved.

Nextblock Autoclaved Chairman Joarder Nowsher Ali and Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Emran were in attendance, as were Principal Research Engineer- Mohammad Parvez Khadem.

According to Managing Director Shahriar Sajjad, “Nextblock Autoclaved develops AAC blocks to promote green construction manufacturing techniques. It plays a significant role against soil erosion & ensures no harmful gas emission in production. To create a sustainable future, we must consider our planet and the environment.”

Nextblock Autoclaved CEO – Mohammad Emran said, “AAC is fire resistant for roughly 4.5 hours at 1,250° Celsius owing to the porous structure. This is also soundproof (up to 38dB).” He also added that “Due to the AAC’s improved thermal efficiency, it is at least 5 degrees Celsius cooler in hot summer”

Nextblock (AAC) weighs roughly 40% less than conventional bricks. The lightweight nature of the material reduces transportation costs, and labor costs, and enhances the likelihood of surviving during earthquakes.

When planning a project, using Nextblocks (AAC) can cut the cost of building by 20%. One block is equivalent to seven red bricks, it weighs only 7.5–9.5 kg, or about one-third the weight of regular brick. Furthermore, using AAC materials during construction also results in a reduction in the amount of foundation cost needed, read a media release.

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