Sharmin Sultana Sumi’s Chirkutt performs in Michigan

Vier Event hosts the musical show

Bangladesh’s popular musical band group Chirkutt is currently in Michigan as a part of performing in ten US states.

On Saturday (May 27), the Chirkutt performed in a hall in Troy city of Michigan. The local band Rhythm of Bangladesh also participated in the event.

Two sisters Arpita and Mitthikdancedce at the beginning of the musical show under the joint direction of Fatema Radia and Nusrat Tanni.

Later, Rhythm of Bangladesh came on stage to sing to the packed audience. The band performed several songs from popular bands in Bangladesh. Their episode ended with a rendition of a song by late band star Ayub Bachchu.

In the evening, the Chirkutt band performed in the quiet silence of the hall. Chirkutt’s vocalist Sharmin Sultana Sumi appeared on the stage amid drum-guitar twang, shouts, and cheers from the audience.

After starting with the national anthem of Bangladesh, she performed Chirkutt’s song ‘Ahare Jibon’. The audience cheered with a total of 10 popular songs one by one.

At the end of the event, Sumi spoke to the audience. She said, ‘Our route is the country of red-green flag Bangladesh. We work only with Bengali songs. No matter what language is spoken, every nation wants to present its literature and culture to the world. We as Bangladeshis have our heritage.’

Sumi said, ‘A total of four shows including New York, Chicago, and Michigan have been completed so far. I will finish the rest one by one and return to the country.’

The event was hosted by Vier Event leaders Mohammed Ibn Moinuddin, Fatima Radia, and Fairuz. They said, ‘We have tried to involve our Bangladeshi community with Bengali culture. Popular Bangladeshi band Chirkutt’s performance impressed everyone. Hoping to do better in the future.’

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