Goethe-Institut Bangladesh produces Old Dhaka Food Map

The history of Old Dhaka in Bangladesh is rich and captivating, every turn of its narrow lanes leads you to the legacy of the different rulers that live on to this day through cultural, religious, and gastronomic diversity.

To navigate through the narrow strips of Old Dhaka and get the taste of various food from these legendary eateries, Goethe-Institut Bangladesh has produced the Old Dhaka Food Map.

To bring forward the eateries in the limelight and the stories of the people running these eateries, the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh is hosting a physical launch of the Map along with a mini food and crafts fair on Friday (19 May) at 5:30 PM on the premises of Dhaka Kendra.

With twenty eateries located across three main neighborhoods of Old Dhaka namely Chawbazar, Ahsan Manzil and Narinda, the food map offers you a chance to discover not only the food but also the history, heritage, and story of the people working behind these eateries.

The evening will begin with inaugural speeches from the Director of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, Mr. Frank Werner followed by speeches by the chief guest of the programme, Mohammad Azim Buksh, the Director of Dhaka Kendra and special guest Hashem Sufi, the Director of Dhaka History Research Centre about the legacy of Old Dhaka’s culinary scene.

The programme will be followed by a discussion session with noted architect Salauddin Ahmed and photographer Khademul Insan, the research team behind the Old Dhaka Food Map about their experiences on producing the Food Map. The evening will conclude with a mini-fair with Nakshi Kantha, Nakshi Pakha and Shankha stalls by artisans from Old Dhaka alongside a musical performance by Esraj player, Shoumit Roy, read a media release.


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