Six killed as dust storm causes major US car accident

At least six people were killed in accidents on a US highway on Monday (May 1).

This accident occurred because drivers had trouble seeing ahead due to dust storms along the highway. Around 100 vehicles were involved in accidents during the dust storm.

The Ilion State Police said, ‘Forty-60 passenger vehicles, including 30 commercial vehicles, were involved in an accident in this midwestern state of the United States as the highway was covered with dust due to strong winds.’

The statement also said two trucks caught fire during these accidents around 10 am. These accidents happened within two miles of Interstate 55. The road connected cities like Chicago and St. Louis.

According to the police, more than 30 people were injured in these accidents. Many of them are in critical condition.

The dust storm created such conditions on the highway that sometimes could not be seen even at a short distance.

In 2021, eight people lost their lives in a similar storm in Utah, USA. 22 cars were involved in accidents in that storm.

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