100000 Russian casualties in Ukraine in 5 months

Over 20,000 Russian soldiers were killed and another 80,000 wounded in the five-month fighting in eastern Ukraine, particularly in Bakhmu.

A White House official said this on Monday (May 1), reports AFP.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters, ‘We estimate that millions of Russian soldiers have been killed in the war in Ukraine. More than 20,000 of them have been killed.

Kirby also said, ‘Russia’s attack on Donbas has failed.’ This attack was attempted through Bakhmut. Russia has not actually captured any strategically important areas of Ukraine.

Nearly half of those killed were soldiers recruited through the private military company Wagner, Kirby said, citing newly released information from US intelligence. Most of these soldiers are said to be recruited from among people in Russian prisons.

Kirby said he had no idea how many Ukrainians had been killed in the war because ‘they are victims of Russian aggression here.’

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