Detroit: Dog bites incidents rising

According to a new report from Detroit Animal Control, the number of dog bite incidents in March 2023 was more than double the number of dog bite incidents in March 2020.

But the report calls for dog owners to be more responsible before such incidents happen.

‘It is the dog owner’s responsibility to provide their pet with the basics of food, water, proper shelter, treatment and exercise, and to ensure that the animal does not become a danger to others,’ said Lori Sowell, director of Detroit Animal Control.

“Dog bites are horrible. Besides, hitting a dog is really annoying,” he said.

Meanwhile, the report also revealed that dog bites incidents in Detroit increased slightly in January, February, and March 2023 compared to the same period in the previous three years.

“We investigate dog bites on humans and dog bites on dogs. Also, we trace the dog attack’s victim and investigate the dog’s owner,’ Sowell added.

Note that aggressive dogs are usually segregated for rabies. The medical examination is being done and an explanation is sought from the owner. Besides, owners are advised to control their dogs properly in open areas.

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