Yemen boat capsize kills 21

Twenty-one people, mostly women and children, were killed when a boat capsized in the Red Sea off the northwest coast of Yemen.

There were 27 passengers in the boat. A local official said this on Tuesday (March 8), reports Xinhua news.

District Council official Akram Al-Ahdal told Xinhua that the incident happened on the coast of Aluheyah district in the northern part of the port city of Hodeidah on Tuesday afternoon.

The official said the passengers were traveling from Aluheyah to Kamaran Island, the largest Yemeni island in the Red Sea, to attend a relative’s wedding. They are all local villagers.

He also said that 12 women, 7 children, and 2 men are among the dead.

He added 6 people who survived the accident were taken to Al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeidah city for first aid treatment. He mentioned that the boat sank probably due to stormy winds.

Since October 2014, Kamran Island and the port of Hodeidah have been under the control of Houthi rebels.

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