US announces another $400m military aid for Ukraine

The United States announced a new $400 million aid package for Ukraine’s security forces, including a variety of munitions.

Noting that the new package included precision rocket systems and artillery, the US State Department said in a statement.

The military aid package provided by the United States includes Hummers and howitzers and other ammunition that could be effectively used in Ukraine’s self-defense, reports AFP.

The package introduced ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles (Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles) and the use of bridges (Armored Vehicle Launch Bridges) to cross rivers and other water obstacles.

The United States led the formation of a coalition aimed at international support after coordinating aid from dozens of states for Ukraine to provide swift support to Kiev following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

International backers were initially reluctant to pay when Kiev pressed for some items, including the Patriot air defense system and advanced heavy tanks, but eventually promised to deliver.

However, they have not yet expressed any commitment to provide Western fighter jets.

Ukraine’s backers have been training the country’s troops on new weapons as promised, and the US military began a program in January looking at a broader strategy.

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