US to send more Abrams tanks to Ukraine

The US is finalizing plans to send approximately 30 more Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Two US officials said they would make an announcement this week.

The Biden administration confirmed this on Tuesday ( 24 January), reports CNN.

The US will send some tanks to the Ukraine war, officials said which are used to assist in the removal of tanks for repair or maintenance on the battlefield.

The timing of the delivery of the tanks is unclear and it would typically take months to train troops to use them effectively.

An announcement about the tanks could be part of an effort to break a diplomatic logjam with Germany, which signaled to the US last week that it would not send its Leopard tanks to Ukraine unless the US agreed to send its M-1 Abrams tanks.

Top US national security officials are considering what steps they can take to persuade Germany to send the Abrams.

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