5-day lockdown in Pyongyang: Report

North Korea has imposed a five-day lockdown in Pyongyang due to ‘ respiratory illness’.

The residents of Pyongyang have been asked to stay in their homes from Wednesday (25 January) to Sunday (29 January), according to Seoul-based NK News which monitors North Korea.

Besides, residents have been asked to submit multiple temperature test results every day.

According to reports, the notice did not mention COVID-19 and said that the common cold has recently spread in the capital.

Meanwhile, NK News, quoting various sources in Pyongyang, said that residents of the capital went on a shopping spree after getting a glimpse of the lockdown.

However, it is not clear whether the lockdown has been imposed in other parts of the country. The country’s state media did not announce any new measures.

North Korea is now as cold as Siberia. The temperature of the country is minus 22 degrees Celsius.

North Korea first acknowledged the spread of COVID-19 in April last year. The country described it as a miracle, announcing its control just three months later.

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