Bangladesh can be an ideal place for Russian tourism lovers

Russian journalist, writer, and blogger George Zotov had a private discussion with journalists about his experience in traveling to Bangladesh.

On Sunday (September 25) at a restaurant in Dhaka’s Segun Bagicha, he shared his experience of traveling to Bangladesh.

Director of Russian House in Dhaka Maxim Dobrokhotov and Co-Chairman of CIS BCIC and Global Explore Ltd. Its managing director HM Saif Ali Khan was also present at that time.

George Zotov visited Bangladesh’s Sundarbans, Cox’s Bazar and the country’s heritage sites. He said that he has traveled to about 97 countries in the world. But nowhere did find such a friendly country as Bangladesh. He greatly appreciated the sincerity of the people of Bangladesh. Even though the people of Bangladesh are poor, they are very friendly.

Bangladesh’s tourism industry has enormous potential. Food prices in Bangladesh are also low compared to other countries. Moreover, the security here is also very good. He commented that Bangladesh can be an ideal place for Russian tourism lovers. As there are currently restrictions on Russian citizens traveling to Europe, Bangladesh could be one of the tourist destinations for Russians in Asia.

He praised the beauty of Cox’s Bazar beach and said Bangladesh is an ideal place to visit from Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. The beauty of Sundarbans in particular is indescribable. Forests in other countries are mostly artificial. Those countries are like zoos. But the Sundarbans is full of natural feelings. Which is more like the Amazon forest. He also talked about the problems of tourism in Bangladesh.

He said Cox’s Bazar is the biggest beach in the world. I think there is a lot of room for improvement. The infrastructural development of Cox’s Bazar beach can be looked at. Moreover, Bangladesh does not have a direct flight arrangement with Russia. It will play an important role in tourism if direct air traffic is arranged with Bangladesh.

However, the biggest obstacle to tourism in Bangladesh is the lack of recognition in the world. Many Russian tourists do not know about Bangladesh. about the Ministry of Bangladesh has the opportunity to do a lot of work to introduce Bangladesh at the international level. The positive aspects of Bangladesh should be highlighted at the international level.

He said that he will go to Russia and work to travel to Bangladesh. George Zotov said that he would travel to Bangladesh with his family for a month in the future. He thanked Global Explore Ltd. for the overall support of his trip, read a media release of Russian House in Dhaka.

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