Bangladesh’s Towhida Tusnim Tifa to compete in 10th MGI

The beauty pageant contest is set to be held on October 25, 2022 in Indonesia

The triumph of beauty is triumphant worldwide. Many people have been representing Bangladesh in various international arenas for the past several years.

Now, Towhida Tusnim Tifa is representing Bangladesh in the 10th Miss Grand International (MGI), one of the three biggest beauty pageants in the world.

The international pageant contest is set to be held on October 25, 2022, at the Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor Regency of the West Java Province in Indonesia.

Towhida Tusnim Tifa

Tifa, a present Miss Grand Bangladesh, will compete against more than 60 countries in the contest for the gold crown. Ten crowns will be awarded at the grand finale.

Tifa is now 24 years old. She is from the Gazipur district. She is a law graduate, model, actress, and social justice advocate.

She has recently become heavily involved in social advocacy, participating in the Nurjahan Project (an initiative to provide nutrition and education resources to underprivileged children).

She was a top ten runner-up in Miss Universe Bangladesh and Miss World Bangladesh.

Tifa is the strongest representative from Bangladesh in recent years in the beauty pageant. She is a potential contender in this year’s competition. She has all the qualities to stay ahead of the competition. She is proud to represent Bangladesh on the grand platform and hopes to be crowned Miss Grand International.

Tifa is a human rights activist. She is involved in various social works. She strongly believes in Miss Grand International’s “Stop War” campaign to inspire peace and freedom in the world.

Tifa will leave for Indonesia on October 3. Miss Grand Bangladesh is franchised by the National Director of Miss Bangladesh US Organization, Hiam Hafizuddin.

Hiam Hafizuddin

Hiam Hafizuddin is a public relations strategist, the founder of Miss Bangladesh US (United States), the first Bangladeshi Miss World America finalist, and a pioneer in bringing back the mainstream pageant to Bangladesh in 2015 after 20 years.

Talking to Miss Bangladesh US organizer Hiam Hafizuddin in Chicago, Hiam told Bangla Shangbad, “This time we are very optimistic. Bangladesh will do well in the 10th edition of Miss Grand International. This issue has not come up in the media, many people do not know that Bangladesh has progressed a lot.”

According to Hiam, Tifa is a unique talent born as a multi-dimensional beauty. Bangladesh expects a lot from Indonesia. Bangladesh will bring the gold crown to the 60-nation competition in Indonesia. Both Tifa and Hiam seek everyone’s cooperation in such an international competition.

Hiam is sending Tifa to Indonesia. Hiam owns the franchise of Grand International. Hiam’s company is giving Tifa the crown to join the competition.

Hiam also said, “If the media informs everyone about this matter correctly, then the contestants and team management will be motivated. The country will move forward in the coming years in the journey of Miss Grand Bangladesh to get the gold crown.”

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