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Tesla key implanted into Detroit man’s hand

Brandon Dalaly now doesn’t have to worry about making sure he has his house and car keys with him. Because he carries the key with him wherever he goes. But how?

That’s why Brandon recently implanted a Tesla chip in his hand.

Tesla’s chip acts as a key. As soon as he posted the video of Tesla’s chip implant, it quickly went viral on the internet.

Interest in implants states that he is a tech buff and always wants to be up to date with technology. So he implanted the first digital key in his left hand. which he used to open the door of his house.

‘I was able to open the front and back doors of my house after the swelling caused by the hand implant went down. With this I can now walk up to people and tap their phone in my hand and instantly transfer my contact information to my portfolio, my COVID-19 vaccine card,’ he said.

But he didn’t want to stop there. Desperate to move to the next step in using technology.

‘So I thought how cool would it be if I could get out of my house without the keys to the car or the house?’ Brandon said.

Following that, a few weeks ago he implanted a second chip in his right hand.

It’s actually a Tesla key that taps the car door to unlock and start the car. Up is used to complete the entire process perfectly.

However, Brandon said that he did this without consulting a registered doctor.

Brandon Dalaly unlocks Tesla with a swipe of a microchip implant. Photo: Collected.

‘The two chips will cost around $200 to $300 and the implant will cost only $100. Because you can go to a local piercing shop that is willing to do implants,’ he said.

Brandon said the chips housed his programming and coding apps. He now wants to implant another chip in the body to read something instantly.

‘It will be implanted in the chest. So that the temperature reading can be obtained immediately by tapping the phone,’ he said.

Brandon hopes the Tesla chip implanted in his body will catch the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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