Ukrainian Ulitina has ‘really hard’ life


Ukrainian badminton player Maria Ulitina has been living in Hungary since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Ulitina said it was ‘really hard’ to focus on the game in exile.

She said, in February, I drove for four consecutive days to reach Hungary through the border of Russia and Ukraine.

At that time, Russian missiles started firing at my house in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Even after six months, she is still living in exile, saying, ‘The situation is now such that it is causing serious stress on mental health.

“Don’t want to complain about it though but mentally it’s really hard when you can’t stay at your house and you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow,” she told AFP at the Badminton World Championships in Tokyo.

Ulitina lived in Hungary before, so she had permission to stay there.

She said her family is safe in Ukraine and they talk regularly. But she is worried knowing that the front line of the war is moving closer to his family.

Ulitina has been active on the world tour this season and made a surprise appearance at the All England Open in March, a week after fleeing Ukraine to Hungary.

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