‘Two-headed cat’ goes viral on Facebook

A photo of a ‘two-headed cat’ from the Jackson County Animal Shelter of Michigan state of the United States has gone viral after being posted on the social networking site Facebook.

‘Adopt this 2 headed cat and you get a great deal! Only $80!!! Double love,’ read the Facebook post. 

This cat named Sour Cream and Onion still needs a home, where the cat will get love from the family. 

Lydia Sattler, animal services director at the shelter, posted the photo on Facebook with the caption.

‘This two-headed cat can be considered as one cat.  I am happy with the response to the post on Facebook,’ said Sattler. 

While some commenters praised the ‘two-headed cat’, many wrote that it looked like a ‘two-headed cat’ because of the two cats lying on top of each other.

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