Robot to help reduce chemical use in agriculture

US-based Greenfield Robotics is experimenting with a particular robot to make farming easier for farmers.

It is initially expected to help remove weeds from agricultural land and reduce the use of harmful chemicals.

Clint Brauer, the founder of Greenfield Robotics, told the media, ‘During the cultivation of crops, farmers usually have to go inside the fields and spray chemicals. Which in reality is difficult to work and much more chemicals are used than necessary.’

‘Our developed robot can go through the crop rows and not use more chemicals than necessary,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Tory Ball, a Kansas farmer who has been working with the company for two years, said the robot has improved performance and is already being tested.

However, the robot is not yet ready to work perfectly. But stakeholders hope it can be an alternative means of reducing chemical use and controlling weeds.

Farmers interested in this robot can visit the Greenfield Robotics website for details.

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