MCC tournament-2022 to begin on September 1

The Motor City Championship (MCC) tournament-2022 is starting on September 1st this year in Michigan state of the United States.

The tournament, which will be held in four fields in Warren and Detroit city, will end on September 4th. However, September 5th has been kept as a reserve day.

If the knockout stage is not completed due to weather, the semi-finals and final will be held on September 5th.

A total of 10 teams will participate in 2 groups in this tournament. Photo: Jewel Huda.

A total of 10 teams will participate in 2 groups in this tournament.  The teams are Asia United, Michigan Cheetah, Raptors, Detroit Royals, Motor City United, Terminators CC, London Raiders, Georgia Tigers, Bangladesh Tigers, and Friends United.

A total of 23 matches will be played including semi-finals and finals.  The prize money for this year’s tournament, including the champion and runner-up, is set at $55,000.

Like last year, a significant number of former players of the Bangladesh national cricket team will participate in the tournament as well.

This information was announced at a press conference at a restaurant in Warren on Friday (August 5).

Syed Russell, former player of Bangladesh National Cricket Team, Chief Executive of Amin Reality, Soumik Amin, Chief Executive of Petra Title Shuba Amin, MCC co-founder Iftekhar Ahmed, MCC President Musharaf Chowdhury, Secretary Tayefur Rahman spoke at the conference.

A total of 23 matches will be played including the semi-finals and finals of the tournament. Photo: Bangla Shangbad.

Sharmin Tanim hosted the program.

Apart from that, prominent residents of Michigan including the players of the participating teams were present at the event.

Founder of MCC, prominent sports organizer, and businessman Jaglul Huda Mitu said the Bangla Shangbad, “Last year we got a huge response regarding this tournament. We hope that everyone will participate spontaneously and make the event a success this year.”

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