Kentucky floods kill 19

At least 19 people have been killed in flash floods caused by torrential rains in Kentucky state of the United States.

However, it is feared that the number of dead in this terrible flood may increase.

Search teams are using boats and helicopters to rescue the trapped people.

News agency the Associated Press (AP) says this information in a report.

The death toll in the Kentucky flood is expected to rise. Photo: collected.

Of the 19 confirmed deaths, six, including four children, are from the same family.

Hundreds of people have been rescued using boats and helicopters since the floods started last Wednesday (July 27) evening. However, rescue teams could not reach many people who were still trapped due to damaged roads.

Some people’s houses were completely washed away while they were sleeping in the middle of the night. Some areas reported more than eight inches (20 cm) of rain in 24 hours.

It should be noted that the Appalachia region of eastern Kentucky has previously suffered extensive damage from flash floods.

Moreover, about 60 people died in the December 2021 tornado in this state.


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