Bangladesh’s current population 16.51 crore

Population and Housing Census 2022

The current population of Bangladesh is 165,158,616, according to “Population and Housing Census 2022”.

Among them, 83,347,206 are females, 81,712,824 males and 12,629 are hijras (third gender).

A  total of 113,063,587 live in rural areas while 52,009,072 live in cities.

In 2011 census, Bangladesh’s total population was 144,043,697.

The population density is 1,119 persons per square kilometer, which was 976 persons per square kilometer in the 2011. 

The literacy rate is 74.66 percent, which was 51.77 percent in 2011. 

The average annual growth rate of the population is 1.22 percent. 

The average population growth rate in the 2011 census was 1.37 percent. 

The number of internet users is 30.68 percent of the total population. 

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