Michigan Bangladeshi Community Help’s prize giving ceremony held

Michigan Bangladeshi Community Help’s Eid Photo Contest 2022 prize giving ceremony was held on Saturday (July 23) at Holmich Park in Warren City.

It should be noted that on the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the popular Facebook group of the Michigan Bangladeshi community organized an Eid photo contest to entertain the community members and increase the Eid joy.

Computers were awarded three main prizes and two special prizes in the contest. The first prize is an iPad, the second prize is an AirPad, and the third prize is a $100 gift card.

Similarly, two more gift cards of $100 each are given as two special prizes.

Admin of Michigan Bangladeshi Community Help Facebook Group Munni Rahman, Head of Admin Delwar Ansar, Ajmal Hossain, Farid Uddin Shiplu, Abul Kasem Fateh, Muhib Hasan, and Zahidul Islam Maruf attended the event.

Besides, the contest winners were also present along with chief and special guests Nadeem Yasir, Muhammad Huda, Rahi Haque, and others.

The guests gave a brief speech on the occasion. They appreciated the admins of the group for organizing the program in such a beautiful and pleasant environment and highlighted how the group is working selflessly and relentlessly for the people of the community in various ways.

Then, the winners were handed over their deserved prizes. Taif Rahman won the first prize, SH Riday got the second prize and Jamil Rahman got the third prize.

Naimul Islam and Subha Islam won two special prizes. Admin Chief Delwar Ansar in his short speech highlighted how the group is helping the people of the community socially, in different ways from time to time. The aim and objective of the group is “to help each other selflessly”.

Moreover, the main purpose of the group is to bring the common people of the community on the same platform, regardless of status, and give everyone a comfortable feeling from their respective positions.

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