Gowainghat Association’s picnic on 31 July

The annual picnic of the Gowainghat Association of Michigan of the United States will be held on 31 July (Sunday) at the Show Park on Warner Avenue in Warren City.

In order to make the picnic of the Gowainghat Association of Michigan a success, a meeting was held which was presided over by the Convenor of the Preparation Committee Abdul Latif Babul while Joint Convenor Mohammad Ramiz Uddin and Joint Convener Mohammad Kamal Abedin were present.

Association President Professor AZM Obaidullah Babul and General Secretary Advocate Dipok Chowdhury discussed various aspects to make the picnic a success in the meeting.

A number of sub-committees were formed in the meeting to speed up the picnic activities.

Community leaders Khaja Shahab Ahmed, Yasin Ahmed, Sirajul Islam, Nazrul Islam Badrul, Tariq Uddin, Shahjahan Rahman, Abdul Malik, Dilwar Hossain, Abdul Khaliq, Mohammad Shoaib, Helal Abedin, Iftekhar Helal, Qais Ahmed, Oliur Rahman, Ranu Ahmed were among others present in the preparatory meeting.

This year’s picnic to be held at the Show Park will have a raffle draw and cultural program as a special surprise. There are sports and prizes for all ages. There are many attractive prizes including a TV, fridge, laptop, iPad, bicycle, Airfare, fan, and microwave.

There is a lunch arrangement for all the participants in the event. Everyone was invited to the picnic by the association’s President of Prof. AZM Obaidullah, General Secretary, Advocate Dipok Chowdhury, and Convener of the picnic committee Abdul Latif Babul.

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