Victim of human trafficking Mo Farah’s story

Motivation of immigrants

His name is Mo Farah. He is a four-time Olympic champion and has had a successful career as a runner.

But he has now become an icon for another reason. 

The reason is that he has become the most prominent person despite being a victim of human trafficking.

He was abducted to Britain from Djibouti as a child and forced to work as a domestic worker. 

He was only nine years old at that time. 

But later Farah has reached the pinnacle of success in his own efforts to erase the identity of ‘illegal’ immigrants.

Now Farah’s story is inspiring other victims of human trafficking.

A documentary called ‘The Real Mo Farah’ has been made about his life. Photo: collected.

Farah, 39, told the Associated Press (AP) that he has decided to share his experience to challenge public perceptions of human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Today his story resonates worldwide.

It should be noted that problems such as conflicts, climate change, and economic crises around the world have displaced thousands of people and pushed them into the hands of traffickers in Britain, European Union countries, and the United States as migrants.

These people, who fall prey to traffickers, pay thousands of dollars in hopes of good jobs and life security.

But most of them have a very painful story.


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