A picnic was held at the Detroit Durga Temple in Michigan

The annual picnic is organized by the Detroit Durga Temple in the US state of Michigan. The picnic was held on Sunday, July 3 with great enthusiasm. A large number of people took part in the picnic at Jesse Park in Troy City from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. In the beginning there were children’s games, hangouts, barbecue, football, cricket, volleyball. At noon there were meals of different positions. Then there was the cultural program conducted by Pradeep Chowdhury. First, Moumita Chowdhury and Aditi Dev were given certificates for recognition of their work. Moumita Chowdhury was given this certificate in recognition of her work of drawing alpana. Aditi Dev was awarded a certificate for winning the National Champion of 2022 Congressional Art Competition. Note that 6 lakh 50 thousand contestants took part in this competition. Aditi has received a congratulatory message from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Then local artists perform music. Prizes are given to the participants in games and various competitions. Finally there was the Raphael draw. Various interesting prizes are given in it. This day of picnic is basically a Mahendrakshan to meet everyone in the busy city of exile. I meet many people on this day of the year. There is talk. When someone new comes from the country, you can get acquainted with him. The forest food was completely indigenous. Eating in exile is now a big festival of Bengalis. The picnic wedding took place at Milon Mela. Pankaj Das, president of the Durga Temple, said the picnic was well attended. Especially many people from the country took part in it. He thanked all the participants. Rafael Draw has been sponsored by Desi Bazar, Bengal Insurance, Fumi Restaurant, Perth Dev, Saptasur Ragini, Sumit Sinha, Biswesar Chand.

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